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David Cameron Presents Obama With Spray Can Graffiti Gift

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Obama has been given a great gift from the British prime minister, David Cameron, on his recent visit to the American capital city.

“Obama’s going to be going around Washington DC tagging his territory like a pro graffiti artist. I think his tag is Bam Bam or Barry6. If the prez gets caught though, there could be trouble, like he might have to do some community service downtime,” Pedro Homie, a graffiti artist from Washington DC’s Columbia Heights district told NBC.

Obama reciprocated by giving the British prime minister a signed photograph of his best tag piece which can be viewed under a railway bridge in the Capitol Hill area. He also gave the UK premier a DVD box set of James Bond films, in keeping with the British theme of the visit.

The British PM gave the prez, a gift of three spray cans and even a stencil set for those quick spray on slogans come election time in 2012.

“Barry was giving the British dude tips on how to tag walls and public property late at night without getting caught by the fuzz,” a White House press officer said.

Barack Obama will need all the help he can get to beat the Republican candidate, Sarah Palin, in the coming elections, so is getting his tagging up to speed for that very purpose.

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  1. That’s just like obama right? going around and vandalizing our streets…has he no shame?

    I hate graffiti what a mess thesej ghetto people make on public property

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