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PM Challenged to Set Out the Facts on EU Immigration

LONDON - England - In a letter to the Prime Minister, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Gisela Stuart have asked the Prime Minister to confirm that if people choose to vote 'In', that they are voting for unlimited EU immigration permanently.

Project Fear: A Definition of Sanctioned Institutional Terrorism – ‘Using Fear...

LONDON - England - We have witnessed the daily terroristic assaults of Project Fear by the government in this EU Referendum. How do you feel about it?

Ex HSBC CEO Comments on Leaked Serco Letter to PM During...

LONDON - England - The fomer CEO of HSBC bank, Michael Geoghegan, has commented on the leaked Serco letter, written during the PM's so-called 'EU negotiations'.

The EU Schengen Zone Encourages ISIS, ISIL

BRUSSELS - Belgium - If you vote remain in EU, you vote for ISIS to attack Britain. David Cameron is irresponsible to be leading the remain camp and is putting Britain's people in needless danger.

Constitutional Crime: David Cameron Deliberately Misled Parliament

LONDON - England - If David Cameron is found guilty and convicted of the crime of misleading parliament in the run-up to the EU referendum he could be forced to resign as PM or expelled from the Conservative party.

EU Referendum: “You’re Doing What to My Country Mr Cameron?”

LONDON - England - The PM has upset the Queen again it has been reported.

David Cameron Utilising Same Propaganda Techniques Hitler Used Against Britain in...

LONDON - England - David Cameron's StrongerIn campaign propaganda is using the same techniques that Hitler used on the British people in WW2.

Clueless Cameron Threatens War Unless Britain Loses Sovereignty to EU

LONDON - England - If Britain stays in the EU, there will be war. This is a truth contrary to the duplicitous lies being spouted by David Cameron today.

Why David Cameron Feels No Shame About Spending £9 Million Taxpayers...

LONDON - England - At the EU referendum announcement in March, David Cameron promised not to use taxpayers' cash against the population disseminating pro-EU propaganda. 

Cameron Cracking Down on Offshore Tax Havens

LONDON - England - David Cameron has promised to crack down on offshore tax havens where the rich hide their money from tax authorities

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