‘Dodgy Dave’ Says Vote Leave FACTS are ‘Con Trick’

LONDON - England - Vote Leave responds to Remain campaign's David Cameron press release accusing them of a 'con trick'.



Responding to the BSE campaign’s press release accusing Vote Leave of a ‘con trick’, Vote Leave Chief Executive Matthew Elliott said:


‘This is desperate stuff from an increasingly desperate campaign. Number 10 are panicking and are resorting to petty personal attacks because they know they are losing the arguments. People are rejecting their pessimistic campaign of doom in favour of our positive vision for Britain’s future.


‘We have set out a series of pledges about how life will be better if we take back control. We want to invest more in the NHS, create 300,000 jobs through new trade deals, cut energy bills for families and introduce a new Australian style points-based immigration system. The only way to get those changes is to Vote Leave on 23 June.’