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The EU Schengen Zone Encourages ISIS, ISIL

BRUSSELS - Belgium - If you vote remain in EU, you vote for ISIS to attack Britain. David Cameron is irresponsible to be leading the remain camp and is putting Britain's people in needless danger.

Already, according to the EU’s own Frontex group, ISIS have infiltrated the EU’s celebrated Schengen zone. There are an estimated 5,000 Jihadi cells waiting within Europe right now, and things are going to get a lot worse thanks to the caught-in-the-headlights EU leaders who are dismissing the danger just to keep the failed project limping along.

EU Free Movement Zone For Terrorists

What the EU is doing, is endangering its own citizens’ lives so that they can keep their little vanity project up and running, and because of this, there will inevitably be further attacks like Paris and Brussels.

The Syrian crisis has been utilised by Jihadis using false passports and documents to move people into the EU. Once in at any port of entry, they have free movement to any city within Europe and possibly Britain. The Paris attacks were proof of this when forged documents from Syria were found on the attackers.

‘Dodgy’ Dave

The PM, David Cameron is knowingly misleading the British public when he says that ‘leaving the EU will encourage ISIS’, on the contrary, remaining in the EU will inevitably lead to further closer union in the EU for Britain, as well as adopting the euro currency, Britain will have to completely open the borders of the UK and join Schengen fully. This will increase danger to the UK and its citizens ten fold, as well as increase gun smuggling and weapons through Britain’s porous borders. With free visa travel from Turkey’s borders to the UK, the terrorists will flow in from the war zones.

Even Remain’s Theresa May has questioned Cameron’s reckless disregard for security.

What the Remain camp wants is the abolishment of Britain’s borders completely, flooding Britain with migrants at a pace never before witnessed. This action alone, is probably a terrorists dream, and David Cameron knows it, he is willingly endangering the lives of UK citizens, purely for his EU centric dodgy deals with corrupt business owners.

If you vote remain in EU, you not only sell out Britain but you open the country up to more terrorism from the EU’s porous borders. ISIS will champion you for voting to remain in the EU because it will make it easier for them to attack Britain, especially after all control of our country has been ceded to Brussels. Slow to act in any emergency situation, Brussels is a danger to itself, as much as ISIS is a danger to the EU.

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