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Brussels Attack: Schengen Directly Responsible

BRUSSELS - Belgium - You cannot have borders with no checks in a situation of war. If you open borders you invite attack on your citizens, and the EU hierarchy are directly responsible for the deaths of their own citizens.

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The Schengen zone only works in a time of peace, but time and time again the EU has been warned of the repercussions of keeping the zone open when there is conflict close to its borders yet they have ignored the warnings.

The tragic bombings in Brussels today where countless people lost their lives and hundreds were injured, is a travesty of EU planning and engineering, as well as a condemnation of their lacklustre governance.

Until the EU shuts down the Schengen zone completely there will never be a respite to the terror meted out on the people, and all of this because of some utopian ideal that can only be accomplished in total peace time.

Wake Up Europe

We wrote an analysis of the situation in February 2015 warning of the Schengen zone, and how it must be shut down, but there was of course no action.

Jean Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel with their cohorts of faceless unelected eurocrats should hang their heads in shame today, for their policies and their turgid negligent governance has resulted in the death and injury of many.

Where does Britain lie in this shameful idiocy? We must Leave the EU immediately, as the European Union is not a safe place to be, either physically or economically.

Will the EU listen to these countless warnings? No! This is why Britain has to Get Out of the EU!

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