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Queen’s 90th Birthday Marred By Treachery and Deceit in the Realm

LONDON - England - The Queen's 90th birthday celebrations have been marred by the stench of treachery, and scaremongering from the remain campaign in the run-up to the EU referendum.



If you vote to remain in the EU, you have not only desecrated thousands of years of British history, but spat upon the graves of those who fought for freedom and democracy in both the wars. The EU does not stand for democracy, and its totalitarian top-down ideology abhors any democratic process.

The Queen’s celebrations today are marred by the banana republic antics of David Cameron’s Mugabesque electoral practices that would not look out of place in Zimbabwe. With dodgy postal vote leaflets, and extended voter registration times for the remain camp to add voters, the SERCO letter,  as well as the European citizens who are not legally allowed to vote being sent polling cards, this is a stitch up that defies stitch ups.

The daily threats from the bellicose EU officials spitting their bile via Germany and France are bolstered by the daily treasonous threats from the traitors and quislings now running the Remain campaign and Vichy government.

As for the Queen, she and her monarchy stand to lose the most if the awful act happens and the UK remains in the EU. We have already witnessed on many occasions how the European Union, or the Commission change laws at the drop of a hat, or amend any treaty they want without consultation. These laws are administered by unelected officials who are unaccountable to any parliament or vote.

The monarchy as we know it will be dismantled over time within the EU. The Queen’s constitutional role enshrined in the Magna Carta will evaporate, and this is why Jeremy Corbyn, a vehement anti-royalist is backing the remain campaign with such fervour, despite being a staunch eurosceptic for the past thirty years. He knows that if Britain remains in the EU, the Queen and her brood will be eventually made to disappear, de-funded, and turfed out of their palaces.

An inconsequential irrelevant monarchy is the order of the day in Brussels, as Britain will be nothing more than a simple sector within the eurozone to dictate to. As courtiers whisper, and rumours circulate, the Queen herself is a devout Brexiteer, but is not allowed to voice her opinion as she is supposedly above politics. It is with urgency, that we implore her Majesty to make a sound for the people to take note, for the good of the country, protocol must be discarded, and the strains of Formby released into the ether…oh me, oh my..

The seeds of treachery and greed-driven EU profligacy have already infected many in Britain today, and it is a truly despicable sight to see the braying donkeys gallivanting around their respective manure stained pens, their effluent seeping through the floorboards and into the polling booths on June 23.

Lord Haw Haw Cameron, a smile for your treachery, a coward’s smile, you collaborator, you sycophantic Guildenstern, vomitous excremental fifth-columnist festering under the doorstep of villainy, a pox on you and your vile swine, may a thousand years of historical anger and anguish be thrown upon you and your ilk.

Nevertheless, Britain marches onward  towards the twenty third day of June, two thousand and sixteen. We must have judgement, it is time for change for the better, to emancipate, to break free from the chains that imprison us in this humourless undemocratic hell of EU slavery, once and for all.

There’s only one thing to do on June 23, and that’s Vote Leave.

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