Britons Shouldn’t Have to Apologise For Wanting Democracy

LONDON - England - The EU is undemocratic. The EU referendum is our last chance to bring back democracy to Britain by leaving the EU.



Do the Japanese have to apologise to anyone for being a democratic island with their own trade deals? Do the Americans have to apologise to anyone for doing the same?

So, why is Britain singled out, when there are so many individual nations in the world today, happily trading with other nations, not in a state of war, and getting on just fine?

If you want democracy in Britain today, you are called a xenophobe, a racist, a fascist or a little Englander by the combatant intolerant Remain folk.

This is wrong. Britons should not have to apologise for wanting self-rule from an undemocratic European Commission staffed by unelected faceless individuals who are unaccountable to any voter.

That is not democratic rule, and yet, here is Remain saying they wish to be ruled by these people who cannot be voted out of office, and who currently make up 60% of Britain’s laws.

Britain fought the second world war against a dictatorial Nazi fascist regime, fighting for democracy and the right to live their lives as they chose.

We are doing the same thing this time around with the EU referendum. We are fighting for the right to govern ourselves, to make our own laws, to trade with whoever we want to trade.

This is the simple truth, and it may never get through to a Remain supporter who willingly follows without question; has no knowledge about what is going on in Brussels, or is just plain spiteful against the concept of democracy. Whatever the reason, Remain are  a group of people who are intolerant of any alternative to their deluded brainwashed opinion.

The Remain campaign is supporting an undemocratic regime in Brussels, they are the ones who should be explaining themselves, not the Leave supporters.

Do not fucking apologise for wanting democracy.

Vote Leave on June 23