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Why China Reselling Russian Gas to EU Makes a Mockery of Sanctions

MOSCOW - Russia - The EU officially claims it is reducing its Russian gas consumption due to war sanctions whilst buying Russian gas from China.

What use are sanctions on Russia when all the gas is doing is going around the world, then eventually returning to the EU?

“It’s a round trip gas bubble about to burst. The Russians sell the gas to the Chins. Then they increase the price substantially and ship it to the EU from China at a massive markup. But, hey, at least the EU can say it is not buying Russian gas then, even though it is,” Xing Xong Wong, a gas tanker captain said as he set off for another long shipment to the EU.

Meanwhile, in Paris and Berlin, many officials were extremely quiet as hundreds of ships have been ferrying Russian gas to the EU. In Athens, they’re also counting their ill-gotten gains because business has been very good for the Greek oil and gas freight ships ferrying Russian gas to the EU.

“Well, what is the problem? It may have started off as Russian gas, but when it went to China it was renamed as Chinese gas,” a fat Greek oil magnate revealed from his yacht in the Aegean.

Naturally, all these roundabout trips across thousands of miles of ocean must be doing some serious damage to the environment. Where is Greta Thunberg now?

Thanks to the EU and China, Russia is being supported financially and is rearming its military, despite with alleged heavy losses in the battlefields of Ukraine. Instead of being dependent on Russia for gas, Europe is now becoming dependent on Beijing instead for its energy — which is still Russian gas, only this time imported from China.

As Joe Biden sleeps and farts in his bed — China and Russia are laughing themselves all the way to the bank.

What we just wrote above is not happening, you did not see that…shhhh…the EU is silent as well…it is not happening.

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