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South Africans Liken Meghan Markle to Robert Mugabe NOT Nelson Mandela

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa - Meghan Markle resembles former dictator Robert Mugabe more than Nelson Mandela, as she claims, according to millions of South Africans.

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Millions of outraged South Africans have flown into a rage after foot-in-mouth Meghan Markle likened herself to iconic South African freedom fighter — Nelson Mandela.

Many took to social media to voice their outrage this week.

Bandile Zadsisai, 26, from Cape Town wrote on his blog:

“She [Meghan Markle] is not welcome in South Africa anymore. When that didi malebe said she was like Nelson Mandela I spit my coffee all over the PC computer. Meghan Markle is more like Robert Mugabe. He was also a liar, a dictator and lived in mansions with 16 bathrooms just like Meghan. Mugabe would travel everywhere in a private jet and thought he was king of Africa!”

Others on social media were similarly outraged, and also cited deceased African dictator Robert Mugabe as more of an apt resemblance to Meghan Markle.

High School student, Amogelang Chidubem, 19, from Bloemfontein wrote on social media:

“Febeh Meghan Markle makes me physically want to vomit. The mampara come here with hundreds piece of luggage, and her staff of 30 including a team of people just to do her nasty toenails. Everywhere she goes there are 50 or so limousines and polluting SUV cars. She then says she is like Nelson Mandela the father of South Africa. She does not have one single gram of Mandela not one! We are now saying she is more like Robert Mugabe who bankrupted his country because of his own greed for power and money. Meghan Markle is a tikiline zhulingu Robert Mugabe living in his palaces! Go to hell GOLO Markle do not come back here ever again!”

There was no answer yet from Meghan Markle’s extensive team of PR and propaganda teams to the angry South African reactions.

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