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Why China is the New Model For the Soviet West

LONDON - England - Our former freedoms under democracy are disappearing rapidly. This is because the West is adopting and incorporating the Chinese communist model of governance.

China is indeed an authoritarian communist country, however its adoption of pseudo-capitalism which has seriously inflated its coffers is the real reason why the West has watched and now is adopting the Chinese model into its formerly democratic architecture.

You may have noticed how our freedoms in the West are disappearing quickly, you may have noticed how soviet-style political correctness, cancel culture, activism and cultural Marxism have reared their ugly heads in the last few decades. This generational change is being precipitated from the bottom up, from the kindergarten to the highest educational establishments, through the conglomerate media juggernauts, through local and central government and even the military has been affected by this communist indoctrination.

obama_mite movements China Communist Party

The main reason for all of this is that communism can exist with some form of capitalism, and China has proved this to the West. Democracy in the West is a messy ideology involving complicated elections every four years, when politicians can be voted out of office. One area where democracy is in deficit is the EU, where faceless unelected elite technocrats stay in their unelected positions for decades without the threat of being unelected from their lucrative positions. Much like the Chinese communist hierarchy, these high ranking EU technocrats have their own malls where they are only permitted, with almost unlimited expense accounts and diamond encrusted pension plans all funded by the ignorant EU citizens who are blind to what is really going on under their very noses.

The World Economic Forum which seems to rule all policy in the West are profound supporters of China and its communist pseudo-capitalist transformation. They have praised China as the ideal model for all Western nations, and the EU is the forerunner in adopting the Chinese communist model, including protectionism, and a fervent bureaucratic nature that the Chinese communist red-tape peddlers love dearly.

biden harris chinese communist party

Essentially speaking, the Chinese model is being fully adopted in the West, including the USA, UK and EU. Eventually, elections may be completely removed from the equation, and we have seen the American Democrat Party even weaponise state departments to completely cancel and criminalise the opposition. The sham election from 2020 was one very good example as any opposing voice of the Democrat Party was systematically erased from the web by Big Tech companies working in conjunction with the Democrat Party, the name of their party being anything but democratic. Maybe the Democrat Party should come clean altogether and name themselves the Communist Party of America, because this is their true nature and they have absolutely nothing to do with democracy in shape or form.

China and communism has eventually won, and the West is now scrambling to copy the Chinese soviet pseudo-capitalism with haste. It is a way better model for the elites and politicians, and it seems the messy nature of governing the masses under democracy has seen its last days. Say goodbye to those once hard fought freedoms hailed as the backbone of democracy, it is all going, the woke communist soviet system has won. The saddest part of course is not that many are blind to this process, but many are embracing it without any question. Those soldiers who died under a hail of machine gun fire on the beaches of Normandy essentially died for nothing, because now, the West has been infiltrated and defeated from within without a single shot being fired.


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