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China’s Vast Appetite For Oil and Gas Suits Russia Just Fine

LONDON - England - Western sanctions on Russia will barely put a dent on the Russian economy, especially as its partner, China has such an appetite for oil.

Saudi Oil Fields: Iranian Proxies Winning Victories With West

ABQAIQ - Saudi Arabia - The Iranian proxy bombing of an ARAMCO oil field will cause problems for the West for a long time unless it reacts now and retaliates with full force.

Experts: The Consequences of Iran Blockading the Strait of Hormuz

STRAIT OF HORMUZ - The impact of a blockade on the Strait by the Iranian regime will have a heavy cost on the global economy as the price of crude rises, and shortages occur.

Dubai Burning Tower Symbolic End of Oil Era

DUBAI - U.A.E. - The single burning tower on New Year's Eve 2015 is a symbol of what is to come a team of anonymous men have revealed.

Oil Rich Iraq Gases People U.S. Invades, Non Oil Rich Syria...

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The U.S. has no plans on invading non-oil rich Syria even though the Assad regime is using sarin gas on civilians.

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