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Saudi Oil Fields: Iranian Proxies Winning Victories With West

ABQAIQ - Saudi Arabia - The Iranian proxy bombing of an ARAMCO oil field will cause problems for the West for a long time unless it reacts now and retaliates with full force.


As the Saudi oil fields burn and are now at half capacity, the West can only look on as if blinded by the headlights of Iranian supremacy in clandestine operations within the region.

This cat and mouse game is something the Persians excel in, and are winning the war because the Western allies are too scared to act.

The EU still has hopes of keeping the Iranians in a failed nuclear deal, as does the UK which has been shown to be impotent in their inaction to hostilities from the Iranians. The Americans are just as impotent, now that Washington hawk Bolton has been fired by the US administration, Trump thinks he can actually talk to the Iranian Mullahs who will literally laugh in his face and mock him mercilessly behind his back.

There is only one fix for this stand-off and that is most certainly a full scale attack on Iran, with the Saudis, America, Israel and EU nations, but until that happens, the Iranians will continue to agitate the region, to inhibit oil supplies to the West, and to utilise its myriad of proxies to conduct clandestine operations on Western assets.

Despite promising to not supply oil to Syria, the Iranians used their previously seized Gibraltar tanker to unload oil to the Iranian and Russian backed Assad regime in Syria. This act made the US and UK look like a laughing stock, and the Iranians have even kept a previously seized British oil tanker for themselves.

Obviously any incursion into Iran, if the West ever has the guts to actually move with plans to attack, will cross the red lines of Russia and China, which could escalate to bigger things. The Iranians are capitalising on this Western fear to act autonomously within the region without any signs of constraint.

The Iranians are now commandeering Iraq, Yemen, and Syria with thousands of proxy agents as well as cells embedded in Western countries too. This latest Iranian coordinated attack on Saudi Arabian oil fields will leave an indelible mark on relations with this rogue nation in the future.

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