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BoJo’s Channeling Trump as PM – But Could a Business Leader Do Better?

LONDON - England - Despite the myriad of setbacks and barriers put in front of him, is BoJo channelling Trump? This article attempts to explain.

There is plenty that can be said about British politics at the moment, but one undeniable fact is that it is in a pretty good state. The Brexit process is running along nice and smoothly, and as the days go by it is clear that our glorious leader Boris Johnson is really growing into the role of Prime Minister.

From telling porkies about pork pies to suspending Parliament, he’s really taken to the whole thing with a minimum of fuss. Worried about remainers thwarting democracy or the House of Commons getting in the way of Brexit? Simply stick your fingers in your ears, shout ‘la la la’ at the top of your voice and pretend they’re not there. Easy!

He’s certainly knocking it out of the park when compared to Theresa and the way she had the audacity to actually attempt to negotiate a Eurocentric surrender deal for never leaving the EU. The cheek! No deal completely makes sense, as it ensures a proper clean break as voted by 17.4 million people and the added bonuses of low taxes and lucrative US trade deals. Fantastic!

What a joke

Saying that, it does feel like the UK is missing a trick when it comes to its political leaders. Having actual politicians with experience in governing is a bit old-school these days, and you have to wonder whether it is high time we went down another road. After all, other countries seem to be having so much fun by doing that. Just look at Ukraine and the way they poetically highlighted how politics is just an enormous joke by literally giving the presidency to a comedian.

While that is a nice move, we remain big fans of the ‘business leader as political leader’ route. However, with Richard Branson seemingly set to blast off into outer space in the near future and Mike Ashley still running Newcastle United, who could we get to step into the breach?

Surely the first place to look would be the FTSE 100 index. As social trading platform eToro outlines, the famous list features the 100 largest companies by capitalisation on the London Stock Exchange and is refreshed every quarter so that declining companies can be replaced with fresh blood. It’s basically the Premier League, but with less TV money.

So why don’t we just see which companies are doing well on there and try and pinch their top dogs? After all, the strategy of sticking a businessman in charge of the country has gone swimmingly for our delightful US cousins.

Top Trump

Considering the huge global splash he made in the worlds of board games, steaks and vodka, we all just knew Donald Trump would do a great job as US president.

Time and time again he just knows how to get it right. Just look at the whole situation around the US wanting to buy Somalia; perfectly reasonable! All he did was equate the purchase of a territory with high rates of anarchy, unemployment and war to a “large real estate deal” and those pesky Samolians (sic) got all grumpy about it! He’s always handled international relations well too, particularly when it came to Theresa May. Praising her handling of Brexit while on a state visit to the UK was a master-stroke, but the best moment was undoubtedly when he took to Twitter to truthfully label her efforts a disaster just weeks later. It’s that clarity of thought and consistency which really sets him apart from other world leaders.

Donald has undoubtedly shown there is another way for countries to be run and he has very definitely highlighted that business leaders have a lot to offer in the political sphere. While politicians have often been accused of not doing enough or lying, Trump has shown that business leaders are undoubtedly men of action. Just look at how fast that wall is going up!

Make Britain Great Again

So while we think that BoJo is doing OK as our PM, could a business leader, especially one whose opinions resemble your uncle’s rants at family dinners, ultimately do a better job? The US has undoubtedly shown the way on this and we think that Trump’s track record is proof enough that the time is right to find a great mind from the world of business who can shape the UK into a thriving and exciting place once again.

Ultimately, considering where things are at right now, what could possibly go wrong?

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