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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
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Economists: Prepare For Greece Bailout 4,5 and 6

ATHENS - Greece - Celebrations have started all over the country because the free EU money tranche is starting again.

86bn Euros: Greeks Going to Take Money and Run

ATHENS - Greece - How long do you think 86 Billion euros is going to last if it is given to Greece? Two months, six months or even a year?

Greeks Ready For Austerity Until 2057

ATHENS - Greece - July has been a good month for the Greeks, they signed away their freedom and will endure austerity until 2057. What's there not to be positive about?

EU Greece Bailout III: Donkey Britain Ordered to Pay Up Again

LONDON - England - Here's another Billion of UK taxpayers money, from Britain to Greece, just take it, we don't need it.

Every Country to Leave EU Except For Greece

ATHENS - Greece - EU boffins have come up with a cunning plan to solve the current stand off with Greece in the Eurozone.

New Greek Word: OXI – Means ‘Bend Over’

ATHENS - Greece - Triumphantly humiliated Greeks are even changing their language to reflect EU sentiment towards their country, especially after the OXI vote.

Experts: Greece Out of Eurozone Would Only Strengthen EU

GENEVA - Switzerland - The 'Fiscal Unitary Capitalised Keynesian' group have analysed the current situation regarding Greece and the Eurozone revealing their opinion on specific target points within negotiations as well as predictions on market reactions.

BAIL-IN: Daily Squib Predicted EU Greek Bank Deposit Raid in 2014

ATHENS - Greece - As predicted by the Daily Squib in 2014, Greek banks are preparing contingency plans for a “bail-in” of depositors amid fears the country is heading for financial collapse.

Lehman Brothers Ghost Appears Over Acropolis

ATHENS - Greece - Tourists were dazzled today, some even frightened, when an apparition materialised over the Acropolis.

Tsipras: “I’m Thinking of Changing Greek Flag Colour”

ATHENS - Greece - The Greeks not paying the IMF $1.6 billion last night after many months of posturing from the ruling Syriza party could be the precursor for something way bigger, but has Greek PM Tsipras seen the error of his ways by penning a last ditch cry for help letter?

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