EU Greece Bailout III: Donkey Britain Ordered to Pay Up Again

LONDON - England - Here's another Billion of UK taxpayers money, from Britain to Greece, just take it, we don't need it.


David Cameron, the staunch europhile, is glad to hand over your hard-earned money and more to the EU, especially when it’s going to Greece, a black hole where cash goes and is never seen again.


“I am happy to give away your taxpayer money even though the UK is not in the eurozone. It is with great pleasure that I will oversee your money being dumped into Greece so that it is effectively shredded. We might as well just burn the cash. Our EU partners have ordered Britain to pay up on a third bail-out on the profligate Greeks so they can enjoy their gold-plated pensions and lazy lifestyles. Britain has no need for the money, the NHS and schools are all doing well, the roads are not full of pot holes, and we do not need the money for essential services like ambulances, welfare or the disabled,” Mr Cameron said with a big smile on his face on Wednesday.

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