Obama Iran Deal: “Goodbye Israel”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The much celebrated Iranian nuclear deal brokered by president Barack Obama has brought Israel's destruction closer, the White House announced today.


“I’m siding with the Iranians. I’m giving them time to create a functioning nuclear missile. There will be limited inspections at some sites, but we really won’t pry too much. It’s very secretive you know, they have some serious bunkers where they have all their stuff. Anyway, my Iranian friends have assured me they won’t drop the bomb yet, not until I’m out of office, then I’m gonna open up a can of Schlitz, sit back and enjoy the show on the networks,” Obama said, cackling like a rabid hyena in the White House’s rose garden, Wednesday.

The Iranians are very close to developing their first cruise missiles and are getting most of their nuclear technology from China, Pakistan and Russia.