Every Country to Leave EU Except For Greece

ATHENS - Greece - EU boffins have come up with a cunning plan to solve the current stand off with Greece in the Eurozone.

Sempers Mordechai, an EU Finance Minister has suggested a new radical dastardly plan.

“I am suggesting that all countries in the Eurozone and European Union exit and leave Greece as the only member. Jesus frickin’ Christ, if the bloody Greeks don’t get the message then I don’t know when they will?”

Wolfgang Schäuble and the Finnish contingent were said to warm to the idea, as was George Osborne, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer.

French PM, Hollande, was however nowhere to be seen.

Meetings in Brussels have been planned to discuss the proposal called Abandonshipeurexit.

IMF head, Christine Lagarde, has also given the go-ahead despite being a puppet of the French and will join all EU nations at the meeting on Wednesday, that is apart from Greece.

The Greek contingent, will not be attending, but word from Athens is that Greek PM Alexis Tsipras can’t wait to head the European Union as the only country in the European Union.

“The first law I am going to make is, less work more spend. The second law I’m going to make is nobody pay tax, the third rule I’m going to make, nobody need to pay anyone back any money they borrow. The fourth rule is we need more donkeys for our socialist EU Greek paradise, the fifth rule is free everything for everyone and we all get full pensions when we retire at 35, plus bonus, we only work three day week on full pay. Welcome to the EU, enjoy!”