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NWO Latest: Democracy Never Really Existed Anyway

LONDON - England - Greeks invented 'Democracy', the supposed rule by the people, however any historian will tell you that the ancient Greeks owned slaves, therefore democracy only applied to the elite governors and not the plebeians or slaves.

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Modern day ‘democracy’ is no different to the ancient Greek model, as the elite masters have – you – the population, as slaves. It is of course not an overt type of slavery, but you are born and bred to be a tax slave, and even when you die you are made to pay for your own carcass to be buried.

Whichever way any faction votes in an election is not an issue or relevant because once the election votes are tallied, the populace will receive much of the same. Western so-called democratic elections are not a process for governing, but purely as a means to placate the masses by removing any thought of revolution/rebellion and adding an element of theatrical ‘change’ to their banal slave existence.

You can vote red, blue, green, purple, or invisible ink, none of it matters in the end. You get the same result because ultimately the core state that enables governance is always the same behind the scenes, the window dressing and froth on top is pure theatre, a mechanism to fool the slaves who think they are free, year after year.

You are trained from birth to become a product consuming tax cash cow for the governors, you are nurtured, your education/programming gives you the onus to want to work, those who pass the tests will get better jobs, and pay more tax, they revel in their servitude to their masters and are rewarded with the ability to have larger sums from their pay siphoned off. Paradoxically, the unemployed and highest echelons pay little or no tax, a dualistic anachronism worthy of laughter.

As we invariably move towards complete global governance by one single entity, the falsities of democracy will slowly unravel as is happening in the EU right now. The people will not feel much discomfort when the curtains are pulled back revealing the truth. The European Union is the current leader in Western governance by an elite who are not even trying to hide their omnipotence and totalitarian ideology. The tax slaves within the EU are the most pliant within the West so far, and bow to any form of coercion, orders or ridiculous diktats without even a sniffle of discontent.

The future bodes well for the governors as they will slowly reveal their true selves to the populace who are apathetic, brainwashed slaves to their masters with not one ounce of individualism or spark of liberty left in their being; no form of original thought, and are so pliant that if one was to tell them that snow is black, they would agree with conviction and belief.

Such is the disdain felt for the slaves, that they are routinely thrown indignities once in awhile, and the slaves see it as a ‘gift’ and are happy.

Fooling the people from birth to death is thus an easy task because it is generational, it is instilled in the worker bees, and the guardians who work for the governors police the process, as do the unwitting populace who police themselves in their own slavery.

Whether the next stage within the New World Order’s transformation is a form of scientific dictatorship or technical dictatorship is not so important, the global chess board at this time has many players, and one of these factions will have to inherit the globalist prize, whether through the means of war, internal  attrition or total economic dominance.

Now be a good slave and get back to work, and be happy in your slavery, life is too short to think about freedom.

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