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Lehman Brothers Ghost Appears Over Acropolis

ATHENS - Greece - Tourists were dazzled today, some even frightened, when an apparition materialised over the Acropolis.

Tsipras: “I’m Thinking of Changing Greek Flag Colour”

ATHENS - Greece - The Greeks not paying the IMF $1.6 billion last night after many months of posturing from the ruling Syriza party could be the precursor for something way bigger, but has Greek PM Tsipras seen the error of his ways by penning a last ditch cry for help letter?

Going Rogue Tsipras “I’m Not Taking Any Calls From EU or...

ATHENS - Greece - With no chance of ever getting their money back, the EU and IMF have now classified the Greek nation as a rogue state.

Fit of Rage: Greek PM Tsipras Force Feeds Schäuble Kebab at...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Frustrations have been boiling over for the beleaguered Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras as he goes from one place to the next without any rest in a desperate race to stay in the eurozone free money circus.

Merkel: “I Have No Balls That’s Why EU Will Continue Funding...

ATHENS - Greece - It takes real balls to truly negotiate, sadly for Angela Merkel, she has none and has capitulated to the Greeks yet again.

Anti-EU? Better Hope Greece Stays In

ATHENS - Greece - If you are anti-EU, Greece staying in the euro is the best scenario, as the beleaguered fiscally irresponsible country would cause further destruction on a yearly basis than if it were out of the EU, a team of economists has revealed.

Greece Vs EU/IMF Summed Up With One Clip

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Sometimes, all it takes is one clip from a film to sum up what is currently going on with the Greece Vs EU/IMF debacle.

Greek Brokebank Mountain New Film Release

ATHENS - Greece - Brokebank Mountain is the latest Greek film release that will have audiences wishing they had never bought a ticket.

Think Tank: Greece Turning to Russia Spells Trouble For Region

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The Geo Policy think tank has warned of the dangers of Greece's left wing Syriza party siding with the West's enemies.

Varoufakis Finger to Germans Moving Negotiations On Nicely Says EU

FRANKFURT - Germany - "We are asking the Germans to give us more money, that is why I gave them the finger as a sign of profound disrespect," Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis revealed on Monday.

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