Merkel: “I Have No Balls That’s Why EU Will Continue Funding Greece”

ATHENS - Greece - It takes real balls to truly negotiate, sadly for Angela Merkel, she has none and has capitulated to the Greeks yet again.


“This can has been kicked so far down the road that it’s barely kickable,” an economic analyst in Brussels revealed today.

Another analyst said: “The EU is going to throw away another 18 Billion euros into a black hole. It must really hurt now to be a eurozone taxpayer, imagine busting your behind, working long hours fully knowing well that the majority of your money is going to Greece, that must be really painful. I’d rather be unemployed.”

Bent over the table

In Greece, there were cheers of delight as the Greeks celebrated the news that Merkel had backed down.

“Back to the villa, we drink ouzo and party. Just another day in Greece. Let the Northern Europeans work, while we play and spend their money. This is beautiful, Merkel has no malakas, just like when she told Putin to stop fighting in Ukraine, and he simply continued pouring more troops in there. You need balls to negotiate, and Merkel has none, bwah hahaha!”