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Think Tank: Battle Between Orthodox Islam and Shia Sect Helps West

SOMEWHERE - Nowhere - Prominent military think tank, the War Institute, reveals a brief analysis of the current situation in the Middle East and the manipulation of Islam.

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“Not only are the Western powers aligned with the Kurds but they seem to be conducting a proxy war against Turkey, who as a regional power holds NATO’s second largest army.

“Why would there be internal friction within NATO members complementing the destabilisation of the Middle East?

“The current conflict tainting much of the Arab lands is a war between Sunni and Shia, the former being the orthodox interpretation of Islam, and the latter being a sect of Islam, seen by many within the religion as a false interpretation and blasphemous to the original writings of Muhammed.

“The estimates of the number of Shia range from 120 to 170 million, roughly one-tenth of all Muslims.

“Therefore, the current war still in progress, could last for many years to come. What some in the West do not understand is that groups like ISIS are the core of Islam itself, and they strictly uphold the original orthodox teachings of the Muslim prophet, therefore their belief system is one that insists they are the correct path.

“Whoever is controlling groups like ISIS is not yet known, but one can have an idea from watching who they attack and who they leave alone (naming no names).

“President Obama has very kindly dropped off millions of pieces of military US-made weaponry to the area, almost like a pick’n’mix so that whichever faction gains ground gets the spoils.

“By arming Kurdish terror groups, the PKK and YPG, and giving them air support, Obama has estranged a key ally, Turkey, who have been constantly attacked by Kurds for over 50 years. The indemnity that is felt therefore is not lost, when during the Sunni, Shia war, a key ally of the West and NATO member moves away from Europe and looks further East.

“Turkey has lost all aspiration of being accepted in the EU, simply because they would never be let in to the bloc anyway as the demarcation lines are still firmly placed between religions. Although Turkey used to hold secular ideologies, those have been left much in the dirt as its abandonment from the EU accelerated.

“The numerous atrocities committed in the war zones, are all there to see through internet propaganda videos, and have zealously been covered in the Western media networks, not only as a form of entertainment but as a fear inducing mechanism.

“When someone like David Cameron, the prime minister of Britain says that all Muslims should loudly condemn the groups fighting in the Middle East, he speaks with tongue in cheek as he fully knows that the West is fuelling the conflict itself.

“The current underdogs are ISIS, although for the West, to see Muslims killing other Muslims in sectarian wars is an aphrodisiac, as the hatred for them is so strong.

“It is not only the West who is deeply embedded within the Middle East but Russia, as the red line goes through Damascus and Tehran, the Russians are with the Shia, and in geopolitical terms, this is simply another front, as is the Ukraine.

“Now that ISIS moves towards Libya and Yemen, and onto Africa, they spread their ideology and stalwart military resilience away from the previous focus points to other regions, causing more fear and damage but gaining supporters along the way. Luckily for them, the path was cleared by the West through regime change in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and currently under way in Syria, the final goal being Iran.

“The second Gulf War directed by George W. Bush and his henchmen, was key in creating the vacuum for ISIS to be built, because it was a deposition of a secular Sunni leader and instatement of a Shia controlled government. This in turn created anger amongst the majority Sunni tribes who are now fighting to restore their place in the region. George W. Bush’s actions created an engineered void encouraging resentment as Sunni Iraqis were discriminated against or hunted down and killed. The president’s actions however were well calculated, as his military advisers knew that the newly instated Vichy government would foment the beginnings of the Third World War.

“The current U.S. president’s job has been rather simple, and that is to hold back. Like a rubber band being pulled further, public opinion will eventually snap and come around to boots on the ground again. The next president of the United States already knows the brief, and that’s to clean up the pawns of war as their usefulness is not needed any more. Those who were seen to being helped previously will be decimated and turned on as much as the overt enemy. Divide and conquer, a simple strategy perfected over thousands of years but a technique that needs much planning beforehand.”

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