Tsipras: “I’m Thinking of Changing Greek Flag Colour”

ATHENS - Greece - The Greeks not paying the IMF $1.6 billion last night after many months of posturing from the ruling Syriza party could be the precursor for something way bigger, but has Greek PM Tsipras seen the error of his ways by penning a last ditch cry for help letter?

The Greek PM may be making u-turns, circles and what not, but one thing is for sure, he has as much bargaining power as a soiled yellow rag dumped in a urinal.

“I’m sending letter to Schauble saying we accept austerity to pay back the 350 Billion euros we squandered, he read and say the letter is bull. I say it real letter, innit. He say no, wait until referendum you called. I say, referendum? Oh that! Oh that nothing, I dust under carpet, it small mistake, please Mr Schauble, please Mr Dijsselbloem, can I come to Brussels to shine your shoes? I do a good spit shine, aww, please do not be offended by my yellow little self, I crawl on my hands and knees, would that please you? Bwaaak, bwak, bwak, bwak!”

So, it’s austerity until 2057 then.