Lehman Brothers Ghost Appears Over Acropolis

ATHENS - Greece - Tourists were dazzled today, some even frightened, when an apparition materialised over the Acropolis.

“We couldn’t get any money from the ATM, and a fight broke out between pensioners, so we thought we’d stroll by the Acropolis to wile away the time. What we saw was a ghost of the Lehman Brothers logo hanging over the facade, it was sunset, and many could clearly see a sign hanging in mid air. It said Lehman Brothers on it. Wow! I wonder what it all means?” Angela Kudunski, visiting with her family from Philadelphia, USA, told reporters.

The event was witnessed by thirty people, some even trying to go up to the ghostly image, but it later on disappeared completely.

If anyone knows what the significance or meaning of the Lehman Brothers apparition is, please leave a comment below?