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Do Not Listen to Russell Brand – Honour the Innocent Dead

LONDON - England - As Russell Brand laughs over the dead bodies of thirty Britons who were massacred in cold blood on a Tunisian beach, the rest of the country observed a moment of silence at 12 noon today to honour the dead.

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After Russell Brand raked up the fury this morning by making some more self aggrandizing headlines saying there should not be silence at noon to honour the dead of the most recent terrorist attack in Tunisia. He, in is infinite ‘wisdom’ blames the British government for the tourists’ deaths, and in doing so, gets a little bit of publicity for himself.

The fact is Brandy Wandy, the minute of silence was specifically for the people who were shot in cold blood, and the same would be done for anyone else. It does not matter one iota that British foreign policy creates anger amongst some people around the world, there is no government in history that doesn’t, and those British tourists were innocent civilians enjoying their holidays, they had nothing to do with British foreign policy, or any political, military faction. There is no justification for the cold-blooded murder of people on holiday.

A member of the public summed the whole sorry affair: “The most important thing for Brand is he is now in the headlines, that’s all he cares about, and it does not matter how he agitates his way into the newspapers. You, Sir, are a total arse and one would hope you receive a letter from every grieving relative or family member that was shot in cold blood on that beach, telling you how they feel about your words. Brand deserves nothing but contempt.”

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  1. I used to like Russell Brand and even bought his first book but I now think heis a useless human being. I hope he goes to Syria and is beheaded by Muslims.

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