The Internet: Why It Is Better That People Stay Asleep

LOS ANGELES - USA - A secretive organisation that regulates internet thought programming reveals how the global populations must not awaken from their state of blissful sleep.

The internet has had its renaissance, and what is wholly apparent despite this amazing tool of knowledge and awareness is that despite being given a voice, a political so-called awakening, the masses are still in total darkness.

Ninety-nine percent of the internet is filled with useless bilge, amongst the spam, listicles, Minecraft videos and counter productive meaningless social media posts, there is not much to be garnered or utilised for gainful knowledge unless sought out and cross-referenced with actual data away from the internet.

The digital era has also ushered in the death knell for music and film, where all commercial activity by film and music companies are immediately digitally copied and distributed freely. Streaming services for the music industry are redundant as anyone with some basic knowledge can record the streamed song as an mp3 and not pay for the service. Want to watch any film just out in the cinema? Just stream it from some server outside of the jurisdiction of the controlling authorities, that is if you can find a film worth watching as the industry is churning out remakes, reruns and superhero films by the dozen. Want to watch a CGI animated film with dumbed down American voices talking jive, go ahead if you want to damage your brain further.

Where the internet has fallen mostly is through quality control. There is no quality, but there is a lot of quantity; a putrid mass of detritus polluting the internet waves for eternity.

What about internet news? This is now so heavily controlled that there is not much room for alternative viewpoints. The Soviet political correct technique is now in full swing led by the American socialist internet controllers, they call themselves progressives but do not promote progress, just complete control where their outrage over anything that does not tow the party line is immediately labelled as ‘hate speech’ and erased.

There is no humour now, no one is allowed to write jokes because it might offend someone, and the soviet controlled internet is now a totalitarian shit dump full of meaningless garbage that does not do anything apart from cloud the mind. Maybe that is the purpose of the internet, to constantly pull a person in multiple directions until they can only stay in one place not able to go anywhere.

No doubt the internet has been a wonderful tool for intelligence agencies to gather data, especially through the people who were fooled into opening social media accounts, but sifting through the trillions of bytes of data are proving problematic for these agencies. Sure, they have files on all social media users and know exactly what their lives are about and what type of people they are, but there is a lot of useless information out there and finding the important data when needed must be the primary objective.

The internet also has been a great tool for causing rifts in people, causing unrest, purely as a tool for agitation by governments wishing to sow the seeds of regime change in other countries. By highlighting inequality in one┬ácountry to the next, they can sow the seeds of revolution. Look how our kids are living, and look at what we have, you do not have the things we have, we live a better life than you. America is, of course, the land of plenty, and when people in less advanced nations see how the Americans live it causes anger, hatred and a sudden jolt of realisation. For developing countries, this can be the precursor to regime change, but it is a false lie engineered to create discord amongst the haves and have-nots and increase the speed of globalistic conquest. The fact that America uses up 60% of the earth’s resources to live their privileged lives of seemingly endless entertainment is neither here nor there, but it sure pisses off a lot of people who are being trampled on by the U.S.

What does the future hold for the internet? The future will be the internet streamed directly into your brain. The ultimate control system where you will be part of the hive. In fact, you already are part of the hive mind and you may not realise fully how you are being controlled, how your choices are dictated to you, and the experiments conducted on you affect your daily life through control tools like social media. You are being trained to think like machines, and your attention span is testament to this training. First they will introduce glasses, then you will not be constrained by glasses or virtual reality goggles, as the interface will link directly to your synapses and neurons. You will see, feel and hear the internet in your own skull, you will experience the internet as a reality but will not be able to escape the internet, unless you cut off your own head.

Your programming is nearly complete, and you cannot live without the internet, it controls you and every facet of your life, you have to be plugged into the hive mind, you have to know what is happening next, you have to share your every waking moment with others, who share and share the same inane shit as the others. You willingly submit to the internet, and there is nothing you can do to break away. The internet is you.