Greek Brokebank Mountain New Film Release

ATHENS - Greece - Brokebank Mountain is the latest Greek film release that will have audiences wishing they had never bought a ticket.

Forget about My Big Fat Greek Debt II, the latest film on the block stirring up a storm in the black hole that used to be Greece is Brokebank Mountain.

The film was released this week all over the Greek nation but no one had enough money to buy a ticket to see it.

Instead, it has been viewed across the rest of the EU as a cautionary tale about getting rear ended by a team of crazed leftist politicians gambling away the lives and fortunes of the Greek population for some naive utopian socialist paradise that will never materialise.

“I came away from the theatre with a tear in my eye. The film is about a crazy bald Marxist economist from Greece trying to give some Greek lovin’ to a German guy in a wheelchair. It just was never meant to be,” Elena Schwaubles, from Vienna, Austria told Euronews.