Merkel to Star in My Big Fat Greek Debt II

ATHENS - Greece - German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is set to become a film star in the latest version of blockbuster 'My Big Fat Greek Debt II'.

Casting directors working on the new project cast the German leader after they saw her performance at a recent Greek wedding where numerous objects, drinks and insults were thrown at the Chancellor.

“She was guest of honour at a Greek wedding and when she walked into the room she was greeted with plates, moussaka, spittle and cheap Greek beer. It was quite the sight. It was not only physical stuff that was thrown at her by the assembled Greek guests and priests, they also threw Greek curses and swear words at the poor Chancellor,” a member of the Troika, who was flanking Frau Merkel at the wedding, told Bild magazine.

Greek director, Papas Papadopoulos, was enamoured by the courageous German leader and immediately signed her up for his new feature film, My Big Fat Greek Debt II.

“It’s about a lovely girl who goes to Greece to get married but has no money so she has to beg in the streets and do special favours for old men to get married. When she eventually does get married, her fiancee runs off with the cash to Germany and leaves her destitute again. She is then sold off to a Turkish pasha for a few euros. You could say it’s a bit of a Greek tragedy,” Mr Papadopoulos said.

Filming for My Big Fat Greek Debt II should commence next year, but there have been drawbacks with funding as many of the cast and crew do not have enough money to even eat, let alone buy cameras and props.