Anti-EU? Better Hope Greece Stays In

ATHENS - Greece - If you are anti-EU, Greece staying in the euro is the best scenario, as the beleaguered fiscally irresponsible country would cause further destruction on a yearly basis than if it were out of the EU, a team of economists has revealed.

“Greece has a population of 11 million and yet they have amassed debts over 350 billion euros, even after creditors took a 50% haircut in 2012. While the Greeks were living like privileged royalty during the good times without any thought of the future with golden pensions and retirement at 45, the rest of the EU countries had to work hard for longer.

“What about the empty farmers’ fields across the Greek countryside, the so-called farmers enjoyed substantial EU subsidies and parked their new Porsches outside their lavish villas, a testament to the plundering from EU taxpayers in other hard-working countries?

“Not paying tax is a well known Greek national sport, the EU will always have a problem with Greece, whichever Greek government is in power  it’s always lax to collect the tax. For them, their antiquated systems are not even computerised. To reform the system would take billions more euros in infrastructure costs and without  a euro cent left in the coffers, how is that going to ever materialise? Billions of euros have been spirited out of the country and transferred to secret bank accounts, as a testament to two bailouts that were compounded by a national swindling spending spree of gluttonous theft.

“Troika members have recalled that on some inspections they found instances of huge fraud committed by the Greeks, and when you have registered ‘blind’ people driving top of the range Mercs through villages whilst receiving vast sums of money from the EU for their ‘disability’ and cleaning ladies in civil service buildings receiving 65k euros per annum for a three day working week; if this is not a recipe for disaster, what is?

“For eurosceptics, Greece staying in the EU is a godsend, and will ensure the eventual destruction of the whole system. Almost akin to a cash black hole where money in the billions is poured in with no recompense. The Greek problem is like a bad case of herpes, it will never go away.

“It is thus in the interests of complete eurosceptic EU annihilation that Greece stays in to create more turmoil eventually sucking the European Union dry of all political will and monetary strength.”