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Poverty Stricken Greeks Sending Billions Out of Greece Daily

ATHENS - Greece - Poverty stricken Greeks are transferring over 25 billion euros out of Greece per month in the greatest capital flight exodus the EU has ever witnessed.

New J.K. Rowling Film: Harry Schauble and the Voldemort Greek Cauldron

HAMBURG - Germany - Celebrated author, J.K. Rowling has dusted off her typewriter for a wizard finale that has astounded fans, starring Harry Schauble and Voldemort.

Tsipras: “I Did Not Betray Greek Voters Just Worded Things Differently”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Nothing has changed with the Greeks capitulating to the EU by bending over for a four month extension of austerity.

EU: Why the World Should Not Worry About Greek Blackmail

FRANKFURT - Germany - The petulant nature of the Greeks to renege on previous debt liabilities is something the Germans are well aware of, and have sufficiently prepared for the slight hiccup.

Greeks Meet EU For Talks

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The Greek government’s confrontation with its eurozone creditors over its campaign to delete its staggering debt burden resulted in stalemate late on Wednesday.

Schäuble Pees on the Greek Barbecue

ATHENS - Greece - There's something about the steely resolve of the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble that brings pride back into the affairs of politics and economics.

Why the Greeks Have to Stay in Eurozone

ATHENS - Greece - Austerity will not go away in Greece as supposed anti-austerity party Syriza renages on its election promises to placate ECB.

Greece’s Begging Bowl Runs Dry

HAMBURG - Germany - The newly appointed Greek Finance Minister has been doing the European rounds trying to get out of paying Greece's vast debt mountain.

Merkel: “Syriza, Podemos, 5 Star Movement, Will Not Stop Austerity”

FRANKFURT - Germany - The rise of predominantly left wing anti-austerity parties across the EU are not a threat but an opportunity for the German hierarchy explains Merkel.

Greece: Choose Your Next Words Carefully They May Be Your Last

ATHENS - Greece - The Troika are watching with eager eyes as the Greeks go to the polls to choose their fate within or without the EU.

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