Poverty Stricken Greeks Sending Billions Out of Greece Daily

ATHENS - Greece - Poverty stricken Greeks are transferring over 25 billion euros out of Greece per month in the greatest capital flight exodus the EU has ever witnessed.


“It’s the poverty, innit. We’re poor here and waiting for another German bailout,” Costas Malaka, a poverty stricken janitor said from his bank on Monday after transferring 400,000 euros to an undisclosed bank in the Maldives.

With no Capital controls allowed in the EU, the ‘bankrupt’ Greeks have been offloading huge amounts of cash out of Greece since Syriza came into power.

“Greek people are bankrupt, that’s why trillions of euros are flooding out of the country’s banks to accounts outside Greece. It’s a good thing the EU is so stupid innit,” a poor Greek pleading destitution revealed from his plush villa in Crete.

“The poor Greeks don’t pay tax otherwise how would they be able to transfer such huge amounts of money out of the country,” an EU official said on Wednesday.