Cameron: “Why I Disarmed Britain With Massive Defence Cuts”

LONDON - England - Number10 has unveiled proposals for even more defence cuts on British armed forces to make Britain safer.


Prime Minister, David Cameron has outlined in a new review his plans for further defence cuts in the UK’s military budget.

“Personally I don’t see any threats. Everything is hunky dory, the UK has no reason to increase its military. We don’t need a Navy, we just borrow ships from the French if we need to sail somewhere. Our airspace does not have Russian bombers constantly flying over it and there is no threat from the Middle East. Less military spending also means that we are safer because we’re defenceless and if the Russians attack they’ll see we’re not a threat and leave us alone.”

The PMs defence review comes a week after Britain’s remaining tank was decommissioned and the RAF unveiled a new squadron of kites.