Think Tank: Greece Turning to Russia Spells Trouble For Region

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The Geo Policy think tank has warned of the dangers of Greece's left wing Syriza party siding with the West's enemies.

“The EU is caught between a rock and a hard place. The Greeks with their many threats and acts of blackmail are a sign that there is no love between the EU and Greece, however the threat of turning towards Russia is of great concern to NATO and the European Union.

“Already the Greeks are allowing Russian warships to dock in Southern Cyprus, and there are further threats to open up ports in mainland Greece.

“Talk of war is rife amongst the heavily indebted Greeks who possibly plan on utilising the Russians to invade Turkey, which as a NATO ally is still reviled by the Greeks. This action alone would cause a dilemma for NATO as would involve two NATO members embroiled in a military conflict, with one backed by Russia.

“The geopolitical threat to the Mediterranean region could be insurmountable if the Russians gain warm water ports and as much as the traitorous Greeks ally with Putin, war within the Balkans could easily spread towards other European nations.”