Near Miss: Pope Seen Flying Under Passenger Plane

PARIS - France - Passengers on a plane bound for Rome were astounded to look out of the window and see the Pope flying at 29,000 feet under them.

In what may seem as an Easter message of hope to the world, the Pope was seen flying at high speed over Paris this morning at 10.30 by passengers on a British Airways flight, BA 666 from London, England to Rome, Italy.

“I had just finished breakfast when I looked out the window. There he was, the Pope in all his glory, he must’ve been travelling at over 400 miles per hour, and we were at 29,000 feet. All the passengers started cheering as he flew around the plane, then departed downwards,” Nigel Winterbottom, 34, a professional photographer told the BBC.

The pilot of the BA plane, Captain Andrew Pelmarsten, addressed the passengers telling them that there was nothing to worry about, the Pope enjoys flying on his magic carpet and is a regular sight. Air traffic control was naturally notified prior to the flyby incident.