Think Tank: Disarm Americans Through the Church

ALABAMA - USA - An NGOs recent paper entitled 'Disarming Americans Through Jesus' details plans on utilising the church to bring change to the current stalemate situation of gun control.

“The Christian church will be utilised to disarm Americans across the nation as they will be told to put down their guns for Christ.

“Pastors across the country are getting ready to tell their flocks to hand their guns in to be scrapped. Americans are devoutly Christian, some even creating their own bastardised versions of Christianity like Mormonism, but the real clincher is that religion is a human construct and will be used to achieve goals set by the state for whatever agenda is required.

“They won’t listen to Obama or anyone else but they’ll listen to their pastor when he tells the congregation to hand over their guns. For Americans, their church leaders telling them to do stuff is an act of God such is the level of religious brainwashing over the generations.


“The same technique will be utilised when the government introduces microchipping to the population. By using what the pliant masses are used to to make people accept new conditions, the church is an invaluable tool for introduction to governmental directives.

“Religion spurs the American population on, especially in times of war where they are told they are fighting for Christianity when going into battle. Their unquestioning beliefs are paramount to implementation of the gun control agenda and should be exploited to the full.

“The Christian church cannot exist without the state, it is therefore deemed an arm of the state, and it is to this end that it will be used to disarm American citizens and eventually get them chipped, for their own good of course and in the service of the Lord.”