We Buy All Unused Bank Notes

LONDON - England - Have you got bank notes around the house that you do not need, gathering dust under the sofa, stuck in the safe doing nothing?

 Spring Clean

Well, here at the Daily Squib, we have come up with a good solution to your space problem. We’ll buy your bank notes from you so that your home or bank vault can look spick and span.

By selling off those unused bank notes your place will look real tidy, good enough to refurnish the space with whatever you want to put in its place, maybe an old armchair or a sparse table.


1) You sell us your bank notes and we buy them.

2) Our prices for your old unwanted bank notes are very competitive.

£5 we’ll give you 5 pence

£10 we’ll give you 10 pence

£20 we’ll give you 20 pence

£50 we’ll give you 50 pence

3) All you need to do is get the bundles of useless, tiresome notes together in a carrier bag or suitcase, then contact us so a certified cashier visits your property and relieves you of the terrible waste of space. Soon, all those meddlesome bank notes clogging up your home will be gone.

Phone 0870 000 000 000 (Calls cost £350/second) to get your house or bank vault cleared out in a jiffy.