Why the Greeks Have to Stay in Eurozone

ATHENS - Greece - Austerity will not go away in Greece as supposed anti-austerity party Syriza renages on its election promises to placate ECB.

The Daily Squib predicted correctly that Greece’s anti-austerity party, Syriza would back track on their promises to the people that voted them in. Tsipras is now talking about going along with the ECB and forgetting anti-austerity big talk.

For eurosceptics, this news of Syriza betraying the people is good news indeed because it means Greece will continue to be in the eurozone and will eventually destroy it.

“Political and economic union cannot exist with a ball and chain like Greece in the mix. Therefore, by having the Greeks in the eurozone will continue to tamper with the euro for many years to come. Eventually after the foolish EU has pumped more billions into Greece’s black hole it will damage the union irreparably. It’s a good day for the end of the EU when they bend over for Greece for the umpteenth time. Criminals and thieves are hard to reform and the EU has to learn the hard way, by losing their currency and union,” a eurosceptic politician in Brussels revealed on Sunday.

As for Greenspan’s recent comments, they will fall on deaf ears as the ECB, IMF and other lenders will be happy that Tsipras has reneged on his deal with the population who voted him and his party in.