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Greece’s Begging Bowl Runs Dry

HAMBURG - Germany - The newly appointed Greek Finance Minister has been doing the European rounds trying to get out of paying Greece's vast debt mountain.


The sick man of Europe is now destitute, limping around with a begging bowl. What Greek gift can be given back now, but a big dose of karma?

“This is what the Greeks get, they had no hesitation in ripping people off. They had no hesitation in taking vast subsidies and working two day weeks. There were Athens subway cleaners making 65k per annum, who owned holiday houses on Crete. With all the corruption, backhanders, nepotism and cronyism, the reaper must finally visit Greece’s foray into the eurozone. The EU is now more prepared than it was in the last Greek crisis, and will not hesitate in cutting Greece loose from the eurozone with one unholy snip. They fucked us, but this time we fucked back,” a German technocrat revealed on Thursday.

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  1. Greedy Greeks it still astounds me that a population of 11 million people can rack up such a large debt. Where did all the money go? I fear they’re going to get away with it though. The EU are weak with no back bone.

    • I agree. Last minute bend over coming from the EU. The greeks have got them by the short and curlies.Blackmail.

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