Greeks Meet EU For Talks


Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, met EU eurozone ministers for another frank talk on Wednesday night.

“You’re going to carry on with the austerity package.”


“Okay, you are going to carry on with the austerity package.”


“The austerity deal. You understand, to pay us back our money?”

No! Klefteke kelefte klefteke!”

“The deal that was agreed for you to pay back, you, the moneys you owe us.”

“No! And we want extra for war. You kill many in Greece World War 2, innit.”

“Are you going to stick to the agreement Greece signed up for?”


“Listen, I’m going to ask you nicely now, put your big fat Greek balls aside for a second. Are you going to pay back the money you owe us?”


The meeting was adjourned indefinitely after four hours.

  • Lamb

    I seriously hope they stay in. This has been the most entertaining stuff. Please stay in the EU Greece I want to see this same episode over and over again. Make those idiots sweat. eheheheheh