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EU: Greece Must Endure Austerity For 30 Years

ATHENS - Greece - The winds waft an ominous stench from the hills and mountains of Northern Europe onto the tiny backwater Aegean nation struggling under the weight of debt and profligacy.

George Soros: “Nah, I didn’t See This Happening”

LONDON - England - As the markets are beginning to slowly reflect what is really happening in the global economy, at least George Soros is doing well.

Third Greek Bailout: Germans Like Throwing Money Down a Bottomless Pit

HAMBURG - Germany - It seems the Germans have a masochistic streak living in their collective psyche, as they are destined to continually pay Greece money that will never be paid back.

Germany Agrees to Bailout Greece Once a Year For the Next...

FRANKFURT - Germany - There were cheers in Athens as the news filtered through today that German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble had agreed to a 20 billion euro payout per annum for Greece for the next eighty years.

Yes But If It Was a Greek Pope He Would Have...

VATICAN CITY - Italy - There is some consolation for the Catholic church that they got a good innings from their German pope, for if it had been a Greek, things would have been a lot worse.

Greek Grand Prix Cars Run For Twenty Minutes Before Taking Hour...

PIRAEUS - Greece - The Greeks plan on staging F1 Grand Prix racing in their ailing country despite the fact that thousands of Greeks are starving and the economy is in freefall.

Euro Wants to Leave Greece

ATHENS - Greece - The Greek Minister of Finance has announced that the euro currency wants to leave the ailing country immediately.

Athens Last Chance on Last Chance on Last Chance

ATHENS - Greece - The perpetual problem with Greece is set to carry on for another decade or three, Jean Claude Juncker has told news outlets.

Greek Erinyes Fury at Germany Will Reap Its Revenge

BERLIN - Germany - Ratings agencies are set to downgrade Germany's previously solid AAA rating soon, and this will be Greece's ultimate revenge on the Northern Europeans.

Another Greek Election Six Weeks Later

ATHENS - Greece - The world economy and EU is preparing for another Greek election in six weeks, then one after that, and one after that as well.

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