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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Greeks Will Refuse to Pay Back Money to EU

ATHENS - Greece - The spending splurge is over, and now that it is time to pay up, the Greeks refuse to clear their debts.

IMF Chief Lagarde to Holiday in Greece

NEW YORK - USA - The International Monetary Fund's head, Christine Lagarde is to vacation on the Aegean coast, her press office has revealed.

Greece to Have 300 Elections

THERMOPYLAE - Greece - The Greeks want to have 300 elections to form a coherent government in the beleaguered country, an electoral observational group revealed yesterday.

Greece: One Picture Says it All

ATHENS - Greece - As worldwide markets tumble at the prospect of another Greek default, pictures coming from the Ministry of Finance reveal all that needs to be seen with regards to the denouement of this terrible tragedy.

Greece Has Gun to World's Head

ATHENS - Greece - The Greek government lied to get into the eurozone, then they spent all their subsidies, and now they threaten to pull the plug on their creditors after bankrupting the country.

Merkel to Star in My Big Fat Greek Debt II

ATHENS - Greece - German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is set to become a film star in the latest version of blockbuster 'My Big Fat Greek Debt II'.

Greece: The Gift That Keeps Giving

BERLIN - Germany - As the famous quote goes: "Never accept Gifts From Greeks" well, the EU technocrats are finally realising that the Greeks not only love to give gifts but keep on giving them even after the wooden horse has all but disintegrated.

Greeks Told to Speak German From Now On

ATHENS - Lower Germany - The former Greek people have been told by Dusseldorf EU officials that they will have to speak German from now on and adopt the ways of their Bavarian masters.

Greek Torpedo Port Side

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The good ship euro has taken a huge torpedo hit to its hull and is sinking fast taking the European and world economy down with it, all thanks to a sneaky torpedo from a Greek submarine lurking in the waters.

Peter Andre to Save Greece With Benefit Concert

ATHENS - Greece - Pop star Peter Andre is to hold a benefit concert in Athens next week to save Greece from bankruptcy.

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