Greece to Have 300 Elections

THERMOPYLAE - Greece - The Greeks want to have 300 elections to form a coherent government in the beleaguered country, an electoral observational group revealed yesterday.

“If there are 365 days in a year, we want to have elections on 300 of those days. The rest of the days will be rest days, in other words a normal working day for us. This is our promise to those unelected officials in the EU who have ordered us to be slaves to our debt,” an irreverent Greek man said in the streets of Athens.

The elections will be held every day for 300 days and the election results will be relayed directly to Berlin. Some days leftists may be elected, before they resign, other days centrists and right wingers, there may be even room for a few fascists.

“If we have 300 elections this will mean we do not have to pay back the money we owe to Berlin. They won’t know whether we’re coming or going because so many different factions will be elected and disbanded. We could eke this 300 election thing out for the next 300 years. It is a great ploy to sow the seeds of confusion to the German pig dogs,” Stavros Malakas, a senior political analyst for Greece’s main television station said on his program.