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Zuckerberg to Play Icarus in New Facebook IPO Movie

PALO ALTO - USA - Mark Zuckerburg has been signed up by Fox Studios to star in a new Hollywood film about the Greek myth of Icarus.

Speaking from Fox studios in Hollywood, movie executive, Chaim Golder, said: “The new film is going to be amazing. We’re going to have Mark soaring up into the sky high up flying with his wings. He’ll get so high, he’ll want to go higher and higher and higher, until he gets too close to the sun. The wax that holds his wings together will slowly melt and he will start to fall, lower and lower and lower. Much like the share price of Facebook once the IPO is over.”

Zuckerberg was said to be excited about starring in the top Hollywood production and is keen to get into a pair of wings to flap around the Facebook campus and show his friends.

“The film is going to be great, it’s going to be like a bubble bursting, like a rock falling to the ground so fast that it makes a crater. I can’t wait for my new IPO so I can make billions in paper profits, then see it all disappear into the ether in one minute when all the shorters get hold of it and have their fun,” Zuckerberg said from the Facebook canteen, on Tuesday.

The new Icarus film will be released in July 2013, by that time the Facebook share price should be at 19 cents.

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