Greece: One Picture Says it All

ATHENS - Greece - As worldwide markets tumble at the prospect of another Greek default, pictures coming from the Ministry of Finance reveal all that needs to be seen with regards to the denouement of this terrible tragedy.



What would Plato, Socrates and Aristotle say if they could view their fellow Greeks now?

“It’s OK we’re taking your pensions, your stocks, economies and everything else down with us. We spent the money, now we won’t pay it back, and we’re going to take the whole West down the plug hole. Such is our lot in life, we are the victims here, we binged on Porsche Cayennes, luxury yachts; built hi-tech rail systems and squandered every penny from the Germans. We lied to get into the Euro because we knew it would be a gravy train, we got Goldman to cook the books, they did a great job and fooled everyone including the Germans. Now the Krauts want their money back. Well, screw them, we want to retire at 30, have three hour lunches and work two day weeks. W’ell also make the Brits pay for our gluttony too. We don’t want to pay tax and we don’t want to pay back the money we owe, but we still want to stay in the euro currency, because we’re the victims here — of our own corruption,” the fifth Greek finance minister in a week, Christos Papalopolopo, told Greek news crews yesterday.

Another Greek politician said: “People should stop knocking us Greeks; all we want to do is stay in the euro without following any of the rules, not pay our debts and continue borrowing money from the same people we just told to f*ck off….what’s the problem?”

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