Elton John's Baby Caught Trying to Escape Again

NEW YORK - USA - Elton John's newly adopted baby boy has been caught trying to escape again from the luxury apartment shared by the singer and his husband.

“We caught him in the lobby. He had clamped his mouth on a woman’s bosom and was suckling like mad. Poor little blighter, we had to drag him away and he left scratch marks on the concierge’s desk,” Elton John’s bodyguard told the New York Times.

The poor baby was then sent up to the apartment to be with the couple, who unfortunately cannot give the little boy what he really needs.

“Whenever we take him to public places he tries to grab women’s breasts and makes gurgling noises. He gets very upset indeed and starts crying for his mummy. My husband and I really do not know what on earth is wrong,” Elton John’s husband, David Furnish told CBS news.