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Greek Olympic Torch Making Its Way to London Games

ATHENS - Greece - The flame that will burn during the London games was lit at the birthplace of the ancient Olympics on Thursday, heralding the start of a torch relay that will culminate with the opening ceremony on July 27.

The Olympic ceremony began with a complete riot, when thousands of Greek anti-austerity protestors broke through the barricades of the ancient Olympic site and started throwing Molotov cocktails everywhere.

The ceremonial torch bearer — a Greek policeman — was doused in flames as a Molotov cocktail and petrol can was tossed at him.

“I am proud to be the Olympic flame this year,” Stavros Scorchio, the burning riot policeman told national Greek news stations.

In seventy days time, the Olympic torchbearer will make his way to London, England, even though the poor chap may be burnt to a crisp by then.

“We’re going to carry the flame of the Olympic spirit through Tottenham, Clapham and Brixton. It’s going to be wicked, innit. I might even be tempted to nick some trainers on the way to the stadium,” another policeman, who was also on fire, told the BBC.

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