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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Shark Week: Michael Phelps Loses Both Legs to Great White

CANCUN - Mexico - After serious outrage and disgust by shark fans when Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps raced a digital shark in a simulated speed test, the makers of the Shark Week programme decided to do the real thing.

Superhuman Russian Olympic Athlete Seen Flying Over Rio De Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - Russian, Igor Benzedrinksi, the 24 year-old Heptathlon Olympic athlete was seen flying over the capital city yesterday after taking off from the ground during the 10,000 metre event.

GUANABARA BAY: Brazil Olympic Sewage Event Highlights

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - Raw sewage continues to pour into Guanabara Bay in Rio which is hosting the Olympic triathlon, sailing and marathon swimming events at the Games.

Superhuman Russian Olympic Athletes Wow the Crowd

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - The Russian Olympic team at the 2016 games has shown amazing feats of superhuman strength and endurance.

Experts: Zika Global Delivery Will Accelerate After Brazil Olympics

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - What better way for global delivery of  deadly Zika virus than to have representatives from the whole world congregate in an infected area like Brazil, then after the Olympics to all go back home.

Experts: Brazil Olympics Will Be Perfect Zika Virus Delivery to Globe

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - Due to the Zika virus, scientists have told large swathes of South America to stop breeding, but this warning will most certainly go unheeded, especially during the 2016 Olympics.

Caitlyn Jenner Training For Olympics

LOS ANGELES - USA - Kanye West's mother-in-law Caitlyn Jenner is training for the Olympics this summer and she's raring to win some serious gold medals in the Decathlon.

Sochi Lesbians Kiss on the Slopes

SOCHI - Russia - The Winter Olympics got off to a racy start with some icy tonsil hockey that would melt even the frostiest Russian bigot.

Somali Olympic Sailing Team Runs Into Trouble After Shooting and Hijacking...

DORSET - England - The Olympic sailing event got off to an eventful start yesterday when the Somali team tried to board their opponents' boat.

Supergirl Chinese Swimmer Can Fly As Well

LONDON - England - After wowing Olympic audiences with her swimming prowess that defied all laws of physics and human biology, Ye Shiwen, has shown audiences that she can fly as well.

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