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Transgender Weightlifting Knight-ess Comes to Save Women’s Olympics

TOKYO - Japan - The women's Olympic weightlifting event will thankfully be saved by a New Zealand transgender woman.

Women always love it when a strapping knight in shining armour comes to save them, and the Olympics in Tokyo should be no exception. Due to their inherent bone structure, as well as biological muscle make-up, women compared to men cannot physically compare to male weightlifters, but that’s where transgender athletes come into the mix. Despite the male skeletal structure, and muscular strength that x and y chromosomes afford, Laurel Hubbard is now a female, New Zealand, weightlifter because she says she is, and there is nothing anyone can say otherwise.

Disgusting misgendering

“A woman protester came up to her and shouted that Hubbard was actually male and NOT a woman. Hubbard picked up the woman with her left hand, told her she was a woman just like she was, then tossed her 15 feet across the room,” one Olympic witness revealed.

Hubbard has been selected to compete in the +87 kg women’s weight division at the Tokyo Games on Monday night.

“I am saving women’s sport by competing to actually win against biological women. Women should be proud of me. So, you have puny arms, a mediocre skeletal system, little or no testosterone, and two x chromosomes. If it was not for me, New Zealand women would not be able to lift over 87 kg weights. You biological women should thank me for getting the gold medal tonight for you! Alternatively, I might deliberately lose tonight to make a point that I am just one of you,” Hubbard explained, flexing his huge muscles before the event.

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