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US Ganja Olympics Underway After Explosive Opening Ceremony

MIAMI - USA - The United States has been gripped with bong fever as the 2009 Ganja Olympics finally got underway yesterday.

Spectacular Chinese Olympics Ceremony Triggers Off World War III

BEIJING - China - The opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics has been so amazing and so far reaching that it has actually triggered off World War III.

Chinese Gymnasts Set to Take Olympic Golds

BEIJING - China - China's gymnastics team is expected to make the most of its home advantage at the Beijing Games and challenge the sport's traditional Olympic superpowers the United States, Russia and Romania.

Dutch Olympic Team Lost in Beijing Smog

BEIJING - China - The whole Netherlands Olympic team has been unaccounted for for the past three days according to Dutch media.

UK Olympic Stabbing Event Unveiled

LONDON - England - The 2012 Olympics to be held in East London has a new event that sums up British culture.

Olympic Torch May be Banned from Beijing

BEIJING - China - There are serious fears that the Olympic flame may set off a large explosion of the combustible Beijing atmosphere when the summer Olympics begin.

Beijing Olympic Flame Arrives in Tibet

LHASA - Tibet - The Chinese Olympic flame arrived in Tibet yesterday held by a burning Tibetan monk.

Madonna in Training for Beijing Olympics

LONDON - England - Pop star Madonna has been in heavy training for the 2008 Beijing Olympics where she will be competing in the Shot put event for the USA.

China Unveils New Olympic Event

BEIJING - China - The 2008 Olympics will have a new event introduced for the first time in many years.

Chinese Olympic Swimming Event Under Fire

BEIJING - China - The Chinese Olympic swimming event is today under threat because of major problems wih the venue capacity.

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