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British Olympic Flame Carriers Pass On 1936 Nazi Olympics Tradition

LONDON - England - The Olympic flame carriers of today who go from city to city in the UK are carrying on the tradition which first started in the 1936 Olympic games hosted by Hitler's Nazi regime.

There’s nothing vaguely Greek or Olympic about the torch being carried from city to city, country to country with the torch relay. This tradition was first started by the Nazis during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin devised by Carl Diem, secretary of the Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen, under the guidance of Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.


“When you see the Olympic illuminated torch relay going from city to city in Britain, you must remember that this has nothing to do with the Olympics. It is in fact, a tradition started in 1936 during the Nazi Olympics and thought up by Nazis to promote the Nationalsozialismus ideology and symbolised the illumination of their superior Germanic Aryan Über men over other races,” Professor of History at Cambridge University, John Ainsworth, told the Times.

British 2012 Olympic officials were however quick to downplay the Nazi symbolism: “I think it’s great that we’re keeping the Nazi torch bearer tradition alive. The Nazis seem to have been pretty good with flames, like the ones in Auschwitz that were burning night and day, as well as the Olympic flames in 1936. I hope our games are as successful as the Übermenschen laden games of 1936,” Carl Pilkingross, told the Sun newspaper.

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  1. I don't think the writer of the piece was making a joke, but simply quoting the British Olympic Offficials, who, I agree, should be cleaning toliets.

  2. Not in the remotest bit funny. Jokes about Auschwitz are the pits. I dont know who actually wrote this piece, but I suggest you find him or her a job as far away from report writing as possible. Cleaning the staff toilets perhaps?

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