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Eurovision: United Kingdom Comes Second…….From Last

BAKU - Azerbaijan - It's another terrible year for the UK in the Eurovision contest but look on the positive side at least we beat nul point Norway.

One thing is certain, every year in the Eurovision song contest twelve points are always awarded from Greece to Cyprus and Cyprus to Greece, but even more certain, is that the poor old United Kingdom always ends up only getting four or five points.


“You could have Elvis Presley singing for the UK and he’d still get trounced by Bulgaria or some other Eastern European country full of goat herders with atrocious songs. It’s a bloody disgrace,” a disgusted Englebert Humperdink, told the Sunday Times, before being carted off with the Russian contingent to a retirement home.

It certainly is a shameful way to end a career in the biz by getting four points at the Eurovision contest, especially after a career spanning 40 years and a multi million selling roster.

Next year, much of the same with two hours of terrible tacky songs, then an hour of politically motivated voting.

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  1. If I sang in this atrocious, outdated, irrelevant competition and was only given 4 points, I'd think it was a compliment! The fucking BBC need to stop wasting money on this throwback-to-the-60's piece of crap competition. We have our own atrocious, crap current competition with the X-Factor.

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